BELL is a registered Trade Mark owned by Bell Sports, Inc. and licensed to Bell Racing USA. Bell Racing USA LLC sells helmets and auto racing accessories exclusively to countries in North and South America and will not ship to countries outside of these territories. Sales to countries outside of North and South America are facilitated through Bell Racing Europe. 

Bell Racing USA LLC products are distributed out of Champaign, Illinois. Customers interested in trying on helmets are welcome to visit an authorized Bell dealer or Bell Racing’s factory showroom located in Speedway, Indiana.

Indy Pro Shop - Factory Showroom
1330 North Main Street
Speedway, Indiana 46224
(317) 643-6140

Monday - Friday
10:30 AM - 5:00 PM

Bell Racing USA LLC Mission Statement

Bell designs and develops innovative, technically superior auto racing helmets and accessories that maximize protection and enhance driver performance.