April 2017 Helmet Backorder Announcement

Thursday April 13, 2017

To All Bell Customers,

On behalf of Bell Racing, I would like to thank our loyal customers for their support as Bell continues to work through our product availability challenges. I also want to extend my personal apology to any customer who wanted to buy a Bell Racing helmet and was not able to do so because of our supply shortfall this past 18 months.

The updated Bell Racing product line has been well received by the industry and continues to be in high-demand. This increased demand, combined with Bell’s transition to a new manufacturing facility going into the 2015 homologation cycle, resulted in too little product being available to meet current demand and fulfill all product backorders while restocking our dealers and distributors. While product delivery and supply has improved during the first quarter of 2017, we continue to be in a backorder position as orders currently exceed available supply.

Due to supply limitations, Bell Racing will reprioritize product distribution as follows:

  • Web Sales – Due to high demand, Bell Racing will suspend direct-to-consumer helmet sales from www.bellracing.com through August 1, 2017.
  • Dealer Orders – Bell Racing will focus available inventory on filling dealer backorders between now and August 1, 2017, to improve stock levels. While we will continue to accept stocking orders from dealers, we will not accept at-once or drop ship orders for helmets that are backordered.

We recognize that our credibility as a reliable supplier to the industry and to our customers has been diminished during this period. The changes outlined above will allow Bell Racing to focus on filling current dealer backorders and improving stock levels with our retail partners.

As always, we are focused on continuing to make high quality products. Please know we are committed to moving beyond our current backorder position, and in the process, we will strive to rebuild your confidence and trust in our ability to meet customer demand and expectations.

Thank you for your patience, continued support of Bell and loyalty to the Bell brand.

Kyle Kietzmann
President, Bell Racing USA

April 2017 Helmet Backorder Announcement