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Cheek Pad Insert $9.95 SKU 2080014

  • Cheek Pad Insert 2022140


Cheek Pad Inserts

Bell offers Cheek Pad Insert kits in various thicknesses that install in a pocket behind the helmet cheek padding to add thickness. The Inserts can be used to improve the fit for drivers who may have a narrow face or simply prefer a tighter fit in the cheek area. The Inserts are covered with fire retardant fabric and available in 5mm, 10mm, 15mm and 20mm thicknesses. The inserts will work with all Bell full face models.

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Cheek Pad Insert

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#2080044: 10MM, Gray, $9.95
#2080045: 15MM, Gray, $9.95
#2080046: 20MM, Gray, $9.95
#2080014: 5MM, Black, $9.95
#2080015: 10MM, Black, $9.95
#2080016: 15MM, Black, $9.95
#2080017: 20MM, Black, $9.95

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