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The Star Infusion NV is the non-ventilated version of the Star Infusion and comes standard in a non-ventilated configuration with positive eye port seal to keep dust out for those that race on dirt. The helmet can be adapted to a top forced air model using Bell’s innovative kit system for those drivers that decide they want to use an external forced air unit (the top air insert with standard nozzle is included with the helmet).

The Star Infusion NV also has a full support interior with contoured cheek pads and added neck collar support for a tighter fit in the lower neck and cheek pad areas of the helmet for those drivers who want as much support as possible.

The Star Infusion and Star Infusion NV are certified to the Snell SA2010 and the FIA8858 standard. The FIA8858 certification requires the helmet to be tested for use with Head and Neck Restraint Devices. Bell’s M6 terminal hardware is incorporated into the helmet shell and accepts anchor systems. Both models are compatible with FIA8858-2010 and recognized by the FIA for use outside of North America.

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Star Infusion NV SA2010

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