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HP5/HP7 Top Air Eyeport $49.95 SKU 2030066

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  • HP5/HP7 Top Air Eyeport 2030066
  • HP5/HP7 Top Air Eyeport 2030066
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Bell has designed a top air eyeport kit for the HP5, GT5, HP7 and RS7 helmets that allows these models to be adapted for use as a top forced air helmet. The innovative design allows air to flow around the top of the helmet using the helmet’s ventilation channels while also diverting air into the eyeport area for maximum cooling in the front of the helmet. The kits are attached using aggressive double sided adhesive and available in clear, white, matte black, carbon in nozzle configurations including V.05, 45/90 Degree V.05 or Quick Lock V.10.

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HP5/HP7 Top Air Eyeport

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