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  • GT5 Touring SA2010
  • GT5 Touring SA2010
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The GT5 Touring is designed primarily for closed car forms of racing and offers high-end features and performance at an affordable price. The GT5 Touring is certified to the Snell SA2010 and the FIA8858-2010 standards.

The versatile design allows the GT5 Touring to be used as a large eyeport helmet with a standard shield or an open helmet with an adjustable sun peak that combines the feel of an open face with the protection of a full face model. The GT5 Touring is based on Bell’s new High Performance (HP) design platform with styling that incorporates aggressive upper chin bar vents and top vent for outstanding ventilation. With a lightweight carbon composite shell and pro-style interior for outstanding comfort, the GT5 Touring is always up to the challenge and can be used in any style of racing.

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